Linen Rental

For commercial customers who would prefer to rent rather than buy, Saffron can supply a range of high-quality bed linen, towels, tablecloths, napkins and kitchen cloths. These are available from our stock or, if preferred, we will purchase linen and dedicate it for your use only, labelling it discreetly so that, after laundering, you can be sure your own linen is safely returned to you.

Our commercial linen rental service includes collection and delivery for regular laundering, and maintenance and replacement of stock as required. For further details about this service and a quotation without obligation, please contact us.


  • Bed Linen
    Choose between 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton or percale
  • Towels
    Our rental range starts from luxurious 500gsm Turkish towels
  • Table Linen
    We can supply an extensive range of sizes in top-quality Croatian cotton. Choose between ivyleaf and satin-band designs.