Short-Term Linen Hire Agreement

  • 1. Hire Charge:
    The hire charge is for a period up to four days that are within the stated function date. Special rates for longer periods may be negotiated.
  • 2. Return of Goods:
    The customer is responsible for the return of the linen (hereinafter referred to as 'the goods') within the short-term hire period.
  • 3. Late Return of Goods:
    If the short-term period expires without the customer returning all the goods, Saffron Walden Laundry(hereinafter referred as ‘the contractor’) shall be entitled to charge the customer an extra hire charge.
  • 4. Damage to Goods:
    The customer will be notified of any damage to the hired linen within seven days from the day of return. All linen remains the property of Saffron Walden Laundry Co. Ltd. Any items lost or damaged (other than through fair wear and tear) will be charged to the customer at the full replacement cost in force at the date of such loss or damage.
  • 5. Damp Linen:
    The customer will undertake to dry any damp linen prior to packing it for return. Failure to do this may result in mildew forming on the damp linen. Should this occur, the customer will be charged for the extra laundering treatments required to return the goods to their original condition. The customer will be charged the full replacement cost of the goods if the mildew cannot be removed.
  • 6. Cancelled Orders:
    A charge of 10% of the full cost will be made on all orders cancelled within seven days of the hire date. A charge of 100% of the hire cost will be made on all orders cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the hire date.
  • 7. Non-Account Customers:
    For customers who do not have an account with Saffron Walden Laundry Co. Ltd., orders will be accepted strictly on the basis that full payment must be received prior to the goods being delivered or collected by the customer.
  • 8. Delivery and Collection Charges:
    A delivery and collection service will be charged at a maximum of £0.60p per mile.
  • 9. Sizes:
    The quoted sizes for linen may vary a little due to processing.
  • 10. Net Charge:
    The net charge is inclusive of Value Added Tax.